Nigel Spencer

Nigel Spencer

Managing Director
I have owned and operated EDAC Solutions for almost twenty years, providing ICT support exclusively to Warrington Schools and, through this, I have become deeply involved in the Warrington Education Community with the interests of all our young learners at heart.
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Nigel and his Work

I started EDAC Solutions some 20 years ago having previously worked in Senior Management in retail banking and quickly established a relationship with Primary Schools in Warrington. This sector became our main customer base and my individual involvement in the local education environment has grown along with this. I still enjoy the hands on approach and visit many of our customers regularly in the role of technician.

During the establishment and expansion of Warrington Primary Academy Trust I have been the key decision maker in terms of ICT infrastructure, email systems, day to day support, server location etc. Having designed and planned the ICT system from the ground up I now oversee the ongoing maintenance of this, and many other ICT Systems I am actively involved in Governance being Chair of Governors at two Warrington schools, one of which is a member of a local Multi Academy Trust. I am Vice Chair at a third primary school and consult on six different e-safety groups at various schools. I am also the designated Data Protection Officer at a further primary school.

My involvement in education in various roles has proved invaluable in understanding the ever changing needs of this sector and the challenges faced as well as the legislative and compliance requirements for such things as GDPR etc. This knowledge and personal commitment, I believe, allows our company to provide the highest levels of service.

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